Canaan Avalon 1166 68 TH




Description :
Canaan Avalon 1166 is an SHA-256 algorithm mining equipment sold by Sesterce. It is able to mine Bitcoin (BTC) with a maximum hashrate of 68,000,000,000,000H for a power consumption of 3196W. The $2470 USD price includes the PSU.
The Canaan Avalon 1166 technical specifications are as follows:
Device Name AvalonMiner 1166-68T
Hashrate 68TH/sīŧŒ -3%~+3%
Power Efficiency 47J/T, -5%~+5%@25℃
Power Consumption 3196W, -5%~+8%@Wall-Plug
Power Supply AC Input 185~285V AC 50~60Hz 16A (Max)
Smart Controller Canaan Kendryte K210 Artificial Intelligence SOC
Connection RJ45 Ethernet 10/100M, Daisy-Chain Connection
Operating Temperature -5℃~+35℃
Cooling 4 x 12038 FAN
Noise 75dB (Max)
Net Dimensions 331mm x 195mm x 292mm
Net Weight 12.8kg


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